Devil's Throat

In one of the widest stretches across the Iguazu River, awaits the most important and monumental waterfall of Iguazu cascades system: the Devil's Throat.

The journey begins about 1,200 yards of footbridges leading to the monumental waterfall, after getting off the Jungle Train at Devil’s Throat Station. You can enjoy the environment that the Iguazu River and its small islands offer, actually a refuge of countless and picturesque deep blue jays. The bridge leading to the balcony that faces the waterfall is just over 1,200 yards in length, and it is safe and quiet, either on wheelchair or by foot, as it's absolutely flat. The end of the tour, at the balcony, offers a magical and unique moment, facing a huge wall of water of over 262 feet high, located on the border of Argentina and sister Brazil.


Devil's Throat Station


1.200 yards (2.400 roundtrip)


90 min


Last Train to Devil's Throat at 04:00 pm.



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