Macuco Trail and Arrechea Fall

The wet deep forest leads us to sharpen senses and observe animal tracks and a wide and colorful variety of insects. 

This is the land of Caí monkeys . They are arboreal, restless and curious and travel in groups of not less than 20 individuals. They eat fruits, and the jungle gives them all they need, so it is good not to approach or feed them, and just only observe the behavior of pure nature.

Macuco Trail ends at the edge of the canyon of Lower Iguazu River, where the waterfalls were thousands years ago, before retreating to its current location. Today Arrechea stream flows there, and just before it finalizes its trajectory, we can find a paradisiacal waterfall 20 meters high that falls on a natural pit drilled in the rock.


At Central Station


3.830 yards (7.660 roundtrip).


180 min


When open, until 03:00 pm



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