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Iguazu National Park or Iguazu Falls…?

The Iguazu Falls National Park covers 67,000 hectares of protected forest so that the local natural flora and fauna can live and develop in their natural habitat, without interruptions or shocks.

Hidden in its heart a paradise of jumps among the vegetation, nature to be discoverd at every step, at every moment, through paths and walkways between the bush for a personal connection with the natural environment.

The Devil´s Throat is the jewel for the most intense emotions (with its water fall over 80 meters high).
The Bossetti Jump is one of the most sought after: a mantle of water that wets visitors who pose for the photo with its backdrop, the highlight of the Lower Walk.
The San Martín Jump is the second largest in the Park, it has its balcony on the Upper Iguazu River, the waters flow down and wide, from the Upper Walk.
From both walks you can see from different angles: the Bernabé Méndez Jump, which bears his name in honor of a park ranger who defended the jungle from poaching and allows you to see San Martin Island from its walkway; the Adam and Eve Jump, unfolds between jungle and rainbow of colors in his mist ... and so many others.
The Iguazu Falls National Park is a protected natural area with more than 275 jumps between the jungle, where species of flora and fauna unique to the world inhabit. A place to live the energy of water, to connect with nature and experience unforgettable emotions. #WeStirEmotions #IguazuArgentina

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