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Iguazu Falls National Park: an unprecedented system of walkways

The Park is nature so that everyone can enjoy and live the most intense emotions. Through a system of walkways located in the middle of the jungle environment, you can reach the top of the jumps on the Upper Walk, feel the breeze and power of the water on the Lower Walk, and approach the mouth of the most impressive fall, the Devil´s Throat. Connecting with nature is possible through this system that adapts perfectly to the environment, protecting it without generating impact, and allowing everyone to enjoy the wonders that the Park has to offers.

The technology of folding pathways adapts to the natural environment: when the Iguazu River grows, the gateways fold up by letting the water run. In the case of an extraordinary flood, the sections of the walkway break off and rest on the river bed, then be recovered, rearmed and reused, without causing any damage to the environment. The first fire test of this technology occurred during the flood of 2005, where 33 sections of walkways were detached and rearmed in 45 days. Then, in the extraordinary increase of the year 2014, the river detached 90 sections of walkways of 12 meters each, of the 99 sections that make up the entire Devil´s Throat walkway. Thanks to this design especially thinking for the Park, the walk was reopened in record time.
The gateway system is adapted to baby strollers and wheelchairs. Because visiting the Park, approaching the Devil's Throat, touring the Upper Walk and touching the mist of the waterfalls on the Lower Walk should be possible for everyone, living the most intense emotions, preserving nature at all times. #WeStirEmotions #IguazuArgentina

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