Long weekend: Iguazú Falls received some 7,000 visits per day and the economic movement in the city was greater than 700 million pesos
21 de February 2023 • Por

In this regard, the president of ITurem Leopoldo Lucas, said that "we finished the XXL holiday, carnivals 2023, with a large influx of visitors and excellent metrics in tourism activity."

The entrance to the Iguazú National Park, which is home to the Iguazú Falls - a natural wonder of the world - and a highly relevant thermometer, yielded a total of 20,932 visits during the holiday, which in turn reflects an average of almost 7,000 daily visitors. to #WaterfallsAllYear.

On the other hand, the movement in the hotel industry also accompanied this remarkable performance; with a 95% general average during these three days.

As a complement, and based on data from the Ministry of Tourism of the Province, arrivals to the city amounted to 25,000, accompanied by more than 61,000 overnight stays that reflect the important economic movement represented in more than $700 million pesos.

Finally, the Iturem headline thanked those who chose the Iguazú destination "thanks to all the tourists who chose #VisitIguazu to enjoy the XXL carnival holiday and thanks to each one of us who build, day by day, the beautiful tourist activity."