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Iguazu Argentina

In charge of the infrastructure necessary for the care and enjoyment of visitors within the Cataratas area of the Iguazu Falls National Park, we are the team that carries out the administration and maintenance of the entire visit area of the Park, Natural World Heritage Site (UNESCO) and one of the 7 Natural World Wonder (new7wonders.com). The Park covers more than 67,620 hectares of which 250 represent the area open for visits. We are responsible for ensuring all the services within the Iguazu Falls National Park and it´s among our primary tasks to balance the singularities of a natural area -especially protected and Natural World Heritage Site-, with the requirements of the visit of tourists, developing services in pursuit of your safety and comfort, taking care of the environment at all times. Caring for the environment in the tourist area of the Park has been our priority from day one. That´s why we have certified ISO 9001 standards for quality and ISO 14001 for the environment. Generating day-by-day high standards of care on which we work every day.

Our Manifesto

We are the hosts of one of the most memorable places in the world. We take care of some of the most important world Heritages in a close public-private collaboration.

At Iguazu Argentina we are committed to protecting the environment and helping all visitors to connect with the unique energy of nature.



Passion and commitment

to visitors and with the aim of providing unforgettable experiences.


We strive to pursue a high level of excellence, maintaining high quality standards in all services and products.


Innovation in the different products and services offered, permanently improving our process.

Integrity and respect

We honor and respect the trust placed in each of the members of the company, responsible for providing an excellent service to the visitor.


Facilitating the access of visitors regardless of their individual abilities or condition.



Our commitment is multiple and complementary, always focused on participating in the preservation of the environment and its resources.

The Visitors and Their Connection with Nature

Visiting the Iguazu Falls National Park means connecting with nature: enjoy every surprise that the Park naturally offers, at the least expected moment, in the least obvious corner.

The environment and the preservation of natural resources

Preserving the Park, a Natural World Heritage of Humanity, is essential. The Iguazu Falls National Park is the most biodiverse in the country with more than 418 species of birds: toucans, jotes, magpies ... A natural universe rich in flora and fauna, displayed for the enjoyment of present and future generations.

Community development and the communion of humans with wildlife

We contribute to the development of the local community, including everyone in the experience: cultures, ages, origins ... It is essential that everyone can access all attractions with facilities adapted for this purpose, inclusive rates and space for the Guaraní culture, originally from these lands.

The common commitment with our collaborators. Our passion guides the relationship with everyone

We are passionate about what we do, and we want to convey to the visitor our love for nature and the Iguazu Falls National Park. Every day in the Park and every visit is a new experience. Being amazed at every step, enjoying and living intensely your journey is the aim of our existence. Working in a unique place in the world is the signature of Iguazu Argentina.


Iguazu Argentina created the necessary infrastructure for the development of the Iguazu Falls National Park, thanks to the redesign of the entire Park facilities - in a unique public-private management model in the country.

It all started in 1996, when we were selected by the National Parks Administration through a national and international public tender for the development of the new infrastructure. The new Visitors Center was developed on the former runway of the old Puerto Iguazu Airport. This was important to avoid the continued use of an environmentally fragile area and thus be able to develop all the necessary services for a pleasant and environmentally responsible visit.

We reparked the Visitors Center with more than 200 native species, with the advice of the Subtropical Ecological Research Center (CIES) and the National Parks Administration (APN). Nature thus gained a space of 2 kilometers that today has recovered all of its original vegetation.

The Iguazu Falls National Park currently has gastronomic places and shops; all the necessary facilities at hand (toilets, first aid areas and various complementary services) that make up a model of sustainable tourism. We are environmentally friendly implementing innovative solutions in harmony with the natural context.

We invested more than 25 million US dollars in important works for the management of water, sewers, a system of walkways, walks and trails, the Ecological Train, and an underground electrical system to preserve flora and fauna.

Our passion and commitment to preserve the environment allow all visitors to enjoy the most beautiful natural wonder without compromising the ecosystem and preserving it for future generations.

And yet, this is only the beginning. Our story of life, respect and passion for the Iguazu Falls National Park continues...

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