Once a month we sit down with an expert to exchange ideas, discover new aspects or imagine the natural world that we may not see every day in the Park, but we know it´s out there, undisturbed, in its wildlife. We share these working notes to educate ourselves on a particular topic thanks to the expert point of view of our guests.
We call it the Experts Blog.

Iguazu, a safe destination: Iguazu Falls receives the Safe Travels stamp

By Iguazú Argentina
28 de November 2020 • Por Iguazú Argentina

We met with Leopoldo Lucas, President of ITUREM (Municipal Tourism Board of the city of Puerto Iguazú) to talk about Iguazu as a “safe destination”. In November, the World Travel and Tourism Council (WTTC) granted Iguazu with the “Safe Travels” stamp, certifying all international standards apply to make it a safe tourist destination.

What does the “Safe Travels” stamp stand for?

The Safe Travels seal implies many things. First, it means that the destination complies with...

The carayá rojo monkey, an endangered species

By Iguazú Argentina
12 de May 2020 • Por Iguazú Argentina

We spoke with Dr. Ilaria Agostini to know more about the carayá rojo monkey and its current situation as a species. The Carayá Rojo Project and the work she is currently carrying out as a researcher are our focus.

Dr. Ilaria Agostini is a researcher at CONICET (National Research Council Scientific and Technical) and the IBS (Institute of Subtropical Biology). She is a member of the CeIBA civil association (Atlantic Forest Research Center) and a specialist in primates. She...

Yaguareté Project: “the recovery of the species is possible”

By Iguazú Argentina
17 de December 2019 • Por Iguazú Argentina

On November 29, members of the “Yaguareté Project” - where the efforts of Argentine researchers of the Institute of Subtropical Biology (UNaM-CONICET), the team of the Onças do Iguaçu Project of Brazil (PNI-ICMBio) and the Foundation join Wildlife Argentina, among others- announced in a press conference the increase of the population of Yaguaretés to 105 individuals, who inhabit the Paranaense jungle.

In this context, Agustín Paviolo, Doctor in Biology and Researcher at...