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Iguazu Argentina is the company responsible for the services within the Iguazu Falls National Park.
Our main duty is to balance the unique requirements of the natural park -especially protected areas and Natural World Heritage-, with the special needs of all tourists, thereby ensuring the security and comfort of all while taking care of the environment at all times.

To provide an amazing experience to all our visitors.


Iguazu Argentina aims to achieve global presence and competitiveness, making innovation and continuous improvement top priorities in all our services. We’ve developed sustainable activities around nature to let visitors discover the wonders of the park while preserving the environment for everyone


  • Focus on the visitor by providing quality services
  • Respect and care for the environment while being socially responsible
  • Maintain a results-oriented mindset involving all interested parties
  • Nurture and grow our employees through a dynamic and flexible organization

 ISO certification

Since 2005 Iguazu Argentina® certified ISO 9001 Quality Standards in Transport services on the Jungle Ecological Train, in Food services, in Visitor reception services and in maintenance of gangplanks.
Since 2008 it has also certified ISO 14001 Environmental Management Standards in Transport Services on the Jungle Ecological Train, in food services, and in maintenance of infrastructure and equipment.


The National Parks' Administration has avoided all architectural barriers that block the normal flow of children and people with disabilities, in order to facilitate the integration of all the people.

  • Buildings
  • Circuits and trails
  • Transport

CSR Policy

Our objective is to allow the normal development of human activity, preserving the environment at all times, thinking today of tomorrow. Our CSR policy has a single objective to preserve natural resources and to achieve this, it combines 4 interconnected roles:

1. The visitor and his connection with nature.
2. The environment and the preservation of natural resources.
3. The development of the community and the communion of man with wildlife.
4. A common commitment with our employees. Our passion guides the relationship with everyone. 

Most of the content (photos, videos, comments) we share in this website were created by worldwide known media, experts and our visitors. Thank you all for your generosity and love!

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