Upper Walk

A Visual Journey from

the Top of the Falls.

A path that opens through walkways to enjoy a unique natural environment made up of rainbows, butterflies, waterfall swifts and toucans. The best panoramas to keep in memory forever, the most incredible viewpoints.

Each view is unique, and the vegetation and the waterfalls are part of a dreamlike landscape. On the Upper Walk you can enjoy the Mbiguá, Adán y Eva or Bosetti Falls from the heights, to reach the balcony of the second most impressive Jump in the Park: the San Martin Fall.

Its abundant flow cascades into a rocky landscape dense with vegetation. All displayed in rainbows that form between its mists.

Two waterfalls very similar to each other that flow into a natural pool of transparent water. The viewpoint in the Upper Walk allows you to see it from above in a landscape of jungle panoramic views.

It can also be seen from its viewpoint -hidden on footbridges.

It represents the first inhabitants of paradise who came to live in a unique natural environment.

Fall Its panoramic view is one of the most photographed: from its balcony, you can also see the Isle of San Martin and its impressive waterfall, waterfall swifts, rainbows and birds that dwell in the branches of the trees.

It´s the second largest in the Park. The golden end of this walk to the top of the falls: it´s balcony is one of the must-see spots in the Park.


1,750 meters

Average walk time

1 hour


100% through tree-lined walkways

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