Lower Walk

A Unique Universe

to Connect You with Yourself and with

the Environment

The Lower Walk leads through walkways in the middle of the jungle to experience nature up close. Various species of butterflies, birds and coatis are the witnesses of your journey to discover the Jumps.

A mighty mantle of water unfolds a few meters from the viewpoint to refresh the visitor. The most visited site of the Lower Walk, this Jump offers you the best photographs immersed in the Parana jungle.

A long fall with its own balcony for you to be close to the Jump, feel its breeze through the jungle and see the rainbows that form there.

With two viewpoints to see the Jump from beneath and above, it´s surrounded by the jungle.

Hidden in the bush, it has its own magic, its own charm. Every corner of the Park hides its secrets to discover and experience intense emotions.

Two similar Jumps flow into a transparent natural pool. It´s one of the most famous in the Park, with its rest area and balcony to take a break and enjoy its rainbow and landscape.

Average walk time

1h. 30 min


Length 1,700 meters. Walkway through the vegetation with different viewpoints and balconies to approach the falls


90% via walkways, with some stairs

Tickets to the Park

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