The Devil´s


The Most Impressive and Majestic Waterfall in the Park

The tour to The Devil´s Throat begins aboard the Ecological Train, with open-air cars that let you feel the environment and make contact with countless butterflies in a landscape made up of jungle and river.

A walk full of emotion where little by little you hear a roar that fills you with emotion, when you discover for the first time the most impressive and majestic waterfall in the Park, with more than 82 meters high and its abundant flow.

Coatis, toucans, magpies, waterfall swifts, turtles, agoutis, jotes, lizards, biguás and benteveos ... They all coexist in a unique natural universe, to marvel through walkways over the Upper Iguazu River, which take you to the mist and the unique energy of the Devil's Throat.

The excitement leaves travelers from all over the world speechless.
The Devil's Throat Balcony

Jumps more than 150 meters in length with a drop of more than 82 meters in height (like a 30-story building). The fall converges in the shape of a horseshoe and has an average flow of 1,800 cubic meters per second (enough to fill 36 Olympic swimming pools in just 1 minute). This huge body of water moves visitors from all over the world.

Average walk time

2 hours


Length 2,200 meters (round trip) 100% accessibility through walkways

How to get there

You can board the Ecological Train, or walk alongside the river.

Tickets to the Park

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