Macuco Trail

A Wild and Friendly Path in the Middle of the Jungle,

Surrounded by Native Flora and Fauna.

Enter the jungle and breathe the freshness of its vegetation. A path to fully enjoy with all your senses: the silence, the pure air, the varieties of butterflies, the hundreds of species of birds that unfold their colors and share their sounds… and the typical mammals that inhabit this path, such as the monkey that dwells in the treetops.

The Macuco Trail

Trail ends at the Arrechea Fall, a natural well of transparent water. Arrechea Fall It has a 23-meter high drop that ends in a natural pool of transparent water framed by rocks. It is the only walking access to this Jump.


Opening subject to weather.
From 8 a.m. to 3 p.m.

Average walk time

3 hours


Length 7,000 meters
(round trip) Wild flat path, without services.