El Parque Nacional Iguazú registró 9.924 visitantes
22 de February 2023 • Por

The protocol for massive visits was in force and at 10:30 a.m. it was activated, since parking was complete within the protected area and tourists had to use public passenger transport.

Throughout the day on Sunday, 9,924 tourists entered.

The increase in the number of visitors was reflected on Friday with the arrival of the first visitors. On Saturday, the entrance to the Falls was higher than the daily average registered during the summer season, reaching 6,700 visitors. It should be noted that, despite the request of the Iguazú National Park Administration, a significant percentage of people arrived at the natural wonder without having purchased their ticket in advance, which is why there have been long lines in the cashier sector.

Regarding the entry of people, Ángel Palma, president of the Association of Tourist Guides of the Iguazú National Park, stressed that "the entry was progressive, if lines have been registered, but the entry was well organized and the wait did not exceed 10 minutes ”.

During the first two days of the long weekend, 16,624 people entered, a number expected by the National Park Administration. However, there were several complaints about the lines in all the authorized circuits and in the female toilets, especially that they caused the delay in circulation in the common sectors, in addition to the discomfort of the visitor and the workers in the area who had to make the corresponding line. .